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The Pico Rivera City Seal


The design symbolically portrays the City's place in the sun with the golden corona of a sunburst enclosing and highlighting the interior symbols.

In the center of the seal, reflecting the gold of the sun, stands the family. The family dominates the seal as it does the City. Our City exists for the people, and people add life and meaning to the other symbols of the community.

Surrounding the family and superimposed on a sky blue background, are the symbols which connect the past with the present and project the family into the future.

At the top is the crossed sword and pike and helmet of the conquistador - the bold adventurer from across the seas who came for treasure and carved a highway to the future.

To the right, the avocado and the orange and walnut. Nurtured by the sun, the land brought forth fruit and the people prospered.

Then came the houses,

...............and the people.

Industry came,

...............and churches were built.

The present finds our community rich in the resources of urban life - the people - homes - industry - and churches. These are the foundations of our community - these are the building blocks of the future.

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Last Update: October 7, 1996